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Just Love? Is it Enough?

I never wanna lose you, more over hating you. But I never want to be the one to cry. Somehow I feel like a fool, cause I keep losing my place, keep seeing you walk through that door.

I know, I could never change you. I really try not to blame you, because I too, has to blame. But, baby, you know it that you hurt me, though I know you didn’t desert me.

I’m helpless like a rain that’s been poured from the sky. Just like a fool who will never see the truth, I keep thinking something’s going to change. Somehow.

When it’s late at night and you’re all alone, do you feel me beside you in your bed? There beside you, where I used to lay.

I love you too much. And it’s dangerous. But there’s a reason why people don’t stay who and where they are.

Baby, sometimes, love just ain’t enough.

Inspired by Patty Smith – Sometimes Love Just ain’t Enough.


About Lely Citra

Procrastinator, but strangely, always on time.

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