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Why I Hate (most) Female (motorcycle) Driver

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WARNING: This list is PURE personal opinion based on experience. So, please, no offense, ladies :)

(Not necessarily in order)

  1. When turning left in intersection, they don’t look to their right.
  2. When going straight in intersection, they don’t look their left and right.
  3. They think turn signal is merely decoration since they rarely using it.
  4. They cut through a car/motorcycle who already give the turn signal without any thoughts of getting hit.
  5. They never think they make any mistake.
  6. They think they’re always right.
  7. They speed up when they know they just made some mistakes (well, in this matter, male driver also does this)
  8. Most of the times they don’t know they make mistake.
  9. The above number will be getting worse if the driver is some middle-aged lady who doesn’t know the driving ethics, just know how to drive.

Oh, mind you, I know I’m also a female, but since I hate those things I mentioned above, I don’t do all that.


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