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Jackfruit-Coconut Ice Cream Recipe (Rustic-modern Style)

I once tried to check dunialely with Alexa. Not that I hope my blog will at least have rank like Joy the Baker, I was just curious whether I even have a rank. My blog has it. About 14 million something. 14 million…something *sigh*

Also I get annual report from WordPress and found out that my reader is not just from Indonesia, because surprisingly, USA and Canada are following. I have a feeling after they read the first sentence, which is written in bahasa Indonesia, they might close my blog immediately.

It’s jackfruit season in Indonesia, therefore I choose this recipe to be written in English version. I browse several recipe, and found out that most of jackfruit ice cream recipes use only milk. I use coconut milk instead. The savory flavor of coconut milk works like magic with jackfruit. This also a combination that use for es teler, the famous Indonesian dessert thats basically contains with shredded jackfruit, avocado, and coconut meat, poured with  shredded ice, sugar syrup, and coconut milk. Delish.


Jackfruit ice cream also a traditional dessert in Indonesia. We use to call it as es puter. As you know, jackfruit and coconut are all tropical fruit, so it’s fair to say that it’s a lot harder for making blueberry (very much expensivo) ice cream than this here in Indonesia. The original version of es puter use only coconut milk, without heavy cream. I also use pandan leave to make the coconut milk more fragrant. This is rustic style.

This recipe is super easy. And is you have ice cream maker, it’s combo easy.

Jackfruit ice cream

 Jackfruit-Coconut Ice Cream


  • 250 ml coconut milk
  • 250 ml heavy cream
  • 90 gr caster sugar
  • 1 cup jackfruit (about 200gr)
  • 2 pandan leaves
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Peel jackfruit and remove the seed. Blend with small amount of water until smooth. Let it cool in the fridge. You can set aside few jackfruit to be cut in cube.
  2. Heat coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves and salt until medium heat or just until the sugar dissolve. If you use instant coconut milk, you don’t have to boil it. Remove from heat and let it cool in the fridge for about 1-2 hours.
  3. Remove pandan leaves from coconut milk before mixed together with blended jackfruit and cold heavy cream. Mix until thoroughly blend.
  4. From here, those who has ice cream maker can processed it according to the manufacturers instructions. But those who doesn’t, chill it in the freezer until the mixture in side of bowl starting to form ice. Scrape it with fork, and mix it until the ice dissolve. Repeat the step for about 3-4 times, so you can have a smooth texture ice cream.
  5. Once the mixture reach consistency of ice cream, mix in the shredded jackfruit. Chill it on the freezer overnight. If the ice cream is too hard to scope, put it in a fridge for about 5-10 minutes.
  6. Serve it on a sunny day :)

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  1. waaah iki enak iki.. kapan nggaekno aku iki haha

  2. jackfruit? ah, i could never resist the temptation…Nice post!

  3. next why not you try to make mascarpone ice cream…


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